Do you need CMS for your business?

Do you need CMS for your business?

Content Managed / Self Administered Websites

A content managed website is one that can be edited and added to via an administration area by the website owner.

Self-Administered Websites

Many clients are happy to have a website that they never have to touch. If any changes are required, they drop us a line and we make the alterations quickly and cheaply. However, if you have a website that requires weekly, or even daily updates, it would be more cost effective for you to have a content managed website. You may want to have a special offers page, update pages which display products that have been updated, change the advertised price, add some new photos – we can give you the flexibility to make any changes you care to, 24hrs a day, from your own computer.

An easy-to-use administration area allows you to make all the changes you need – without incurring additional expense.

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