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I was introduced to Topcashback by a friend who said that they’ve “earned a bunch of cash through buying things they would have normally bought.” Sounds great? “Nothing comes for free” and “what’s the catch” I think were my responses.

I said I would give it a go. After a fairly quick sign up I was able to start saving. I used my friends referral link which gave him £5.

I’m fairly new to Topcashback but I have purchased through the website quite a bit already. Everything I have bought via Topcashback I would of purchased anyway so I would say it’s worth doing.


  • Cashback on items you were going to purchase online anyway
  • Fun little games at Easter, Christmas, Halloween and probably at other times of the year too, where you can win cash and be entered into a prize draw.
  • Retailers including Tesco, Argos, Sky Broadband and BT, as well as more than 4,000 others


  • When they run their ‘Cashback giveaway’ games it does get fairly addictive. I’ve won 10p this Christmas and probably lost a few hours of my life playing the game.
  • You do have to wait a little while for the money to become payable.
  • Sometimes transaction don’t track and I don’t get cashback. I then submit a claim and most of the time their support answer is “have you cleared your browser history?”

Here’s what it says on

“Cashback sites receive a commission from the merchant for directing you to their website. Most cashback sites give just a portion of this back to you, but as the most generous cashback site in the UK, we give you up to 105% of what retailers pay us. The extra 1-5% comes from advertising revenue and other services we provide on our website, making us the highest paying cashback site in the UK.”


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