Jawbone UP Tracker Wristband

Jawbone UP Tracker Wristband

In November 2014 I bought a Jawbone UP Tracker Wristband. I needed to get fit as I was due to be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity in February 2015 and I thought it would help. The short answer is the Jawbone UP Tracking Wristband did help tremendously.

It was a basic Tracking Wristband, easy to get on and off (sometimes too easy and would fly across the room as I removed my running top. It tracked the steps I took and I could manually add the details of my activities when I’d been running, cycling or on the cross trainer. There are lots of different sports activities you can add the information from, if you know the details of the activity.

My Jawbone Up helped me achieve my target, to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro standing majestically at nearly 20,000 foot. It was a hard climb, mainly due to the cold nights and ‘different’ food, but we made it and raised a lot of money for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.

You can set a daily target for the number of steps you want to achieve. My Jawbone UP came set to 10,000 steps, which I increased to 12,500 steps after a couple of weeks. We are all different shapes, sizes and levels of fitness so there is no right or wrong number, just set it to something that is not easy to reach, so you have to push yourself just a little each day.

The Smartphone App for the Jawbone UP is great! Really clear to see all the statistics and easy to use. You simply remove the cap, plug it into the earphone socket on your phone and it automatically synchronises. Give it a minute or two and then you see what you have done more recently – it’s is very rewarding in a strange way! It is also a little addictive, certainly whilst training I would check late afternoon to see how I was progressing against my target and if lagging behind, would take part in some sporting activity in order to boost it.

Sadly my Jawbone UP Tracker Wristband broke after 13 months, but I had worn it every day and most nights since I bought it. I then lived without a Tracker Wristband for a month or two and felt it difficult to be motivated to exercise, so I searched the internet, did some comparisons and it seemed to boil down to a choice of two: The Jawbone UP3 Tracking Wristband or the Fitbit Charge HR. At the time both were around the same price and had similar spec, but I decided to stick with Jawbone as I was used to the way it worked and really liked the Smartphone App.

Within a month of purchasing my Jawbone UP3 Tracking Wristband, disaster – I lost it! Although it had a fairy good fastener, it somehow came off my wrist when I was competing in a Duathlon. Although it has a ‘Find Band’ function on it, it said it was at home as that is where it was when last synchronised with my Smartphone App.

However, this story does have a happy ending because I called Jawbone customer service to ask if they had some sort of satellite visibility and could track my UP3 that way, the answer to which was no, but they were very sorry I had lost it so soon after purchase and sent me a replacement! They also sent a Jawbone UP Activity Clip’ which helps lock the fastener in place and prevent it from accidentally coming undone.

So in conclusion, the Jawbone UP Activity Bands are;

  • Good to help you get and keep fit
  • Fun to use
  • Have a great Smartphone App
  • Good long battery life
  • Great and understanding customer service
  • Am I pleased I bought them – yes
  • Would I buy another one – yes

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